What Happened to Mrs. Southard?

We have been learning about the vowel pattern ou and ow this week.  Today, I decided to spice it up a bit and throw in something fun.  I created this quick and fun little unit.
 Before my students came in for the day, I hid these clues around the room.

Then I put a Band-Aid on my forehead.
{You can’t see it very well.  I had one of my students take a picture.}
{I think that wrapping a bandage around your head would be even better though.  I will do that next year.}
I told the kids that they needed to use the clues to find out what had happened to me.  I passed out a prediction sheet to each student.
 After we read a clue {all containing ou and ow words} the students made a prediction about what they think happened to me.  Most of them started with “You fell down.”  One student thought a pizza man ran me over. {Maybe that was wishful thinking on his part. Lol!}
As we collected each clue, I hung them on the board and wrote the ou and ow words.
After we read all of the clues, the students had to retell the story using as many ou and ow words as they could.
It was a lot of fun.  It allowed us to review our vowel patterns while also giving the students a chance to work on making predictions and retelling.
After the lesson, I gave each student their own Band-Aid to wear that I had written ou and ow with a Sharpie.
You can check out this lesson by clicking below.

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