Winter Challenge

The winter season often creates sad feelings among students. They are tired of it being dark outside for so much of the day. Additionally, they are disappointed that they often have indoor recess. Honestly, the winter blues are real for our students! To help counteract these feelings, teachers work hard to create engaging activities. The hope is that students will have so much fun learning that they will forget about the cold, dreary weather outside. Luckily, the Winter Challenge is here to excite students! 

winter challenge

Winter Challenge 

If you’ve been searching for fun and engaging academic activities, you have come to the right place! The Winter Challenge is ready to bring learning alive in your classroom! 

Students will compete in small groups on 10 academic challenges. Specifically, this includes working on counting, writing, addition, rhyming, graphing and correcting sentences. Additionally, students will review parts of speech, equations, long vowels, and number sentences. Students will practice so many essential standards in a fun, competitive format! 

All of these skills are essential for students to know. By competing in a group format, students can learn from their classmates and support each other. So, one student may explain how to add or correct a sentence, and it makes sense to a student who is struggling. Yes, the student may have demonstrated it just like you, but the extra support or student-to-student connection drives the material to make sense. 

After solving the challenge, the class will open a Challenge Ticket envelope. Then, they will solve the code word. The first team to solve all 10 code words is the winning team! 

Students will love working on the Winter Challenge! 

Challenge Components 

Teachers are busy! They teach, plan, grade, create, design, organize, and support students. This is why the Winter Challenge has everything needed to create so much excitement in the classroom! 

There are directions for the Challenge to ensure everyone knows how to play. Additionally, all 10 academic challenges are ready to go along with the 10 challenge tickets. There are even 10 corresponding envelope labels to ensure everything stays organized. Furthermore, the Winter Challenge codes are all within the resource. The included answer key makes implementing the challenge a breeze! 

winter challenge

Grade Level Appropriateness 

The Winter Challenge activities focus on 1st or 2nd-grade standards. However, teachers know their students best. So, the challenge standards may work for other grades as well! 

Teachers work so hard to excite students about their learning. However, it can be exhausting to do this throughout the entire year. This is why teachers need to work together. There is nothing wrong with sharing creative ideas and resources! I see how much my students love the Winter Challenge, so I am excited to share it with you! Students will love showing off their learning in such an exciting format! 

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