Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets 

Learning to read can be an excruciating skill for students to learn. There are so many words, and it can be frustrating for students to learn how to pronounce them. Thankfully, caring teachers work on reading one step at a time. For many classrooms, this involves phonics instruction. Then, students progress to decodable readers and slowly add in comprehension practice. While reading is a fantastic activity, it makes sense why it can be exhausting for students! Luckily, the Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets are here to help beginning readers!

Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets

Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets 

These passages are the perfect way to combine phonics and comprehension! Every passage allows students to practice their decoding skills while also practicing comprehension. 

Specifically, there are 28 passages focusing on various phonics skills. Additionally, there are comprehension questions ready for each passage. On top of this, there is a Roll & Read activity for each skill. There is even a half-sheet printable decodable reader for each of the 28 phonics skills. 

phonics activity

Students will absolutely love applying their phonics knowledge in fun, hands-on ways! 

Phonics Skills 

Honestly, there are so many phonics skills to cover in elementary school. It can seem challenging to figure out the order to teach them when they are all so important. Thankfully, the Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets help guide instruction! This resource contains so many phonics skills in creative ways. Skills include everything from short vowels to r-controlled vowels. Additionally, students will work on blends, diphthongs, and ai/ay. 

decodable comprehension passages and booklets

Roll & Read Activity 

When working on phonics, students need time to apply the skill. So, they will absolutely love this activity! Students will need dice. Then, they will roll it and read one of the words under the number. They can check off the box or color it when they read it. Students can work on this activity independently or with a partner. 

roll and read


There are so many ways teachers can use the passages and booklets! For instance, they work great in small group activities where students support each other. Additionally, teachers can use them as a whole group activity where students all learn the same phonics skill. Likewise, early finishers can even work on the passages in a literary station during independent instruction. Teachers can even send the passages home in a fluency folder! 

Grade Level Activities 

The Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets are perfect for kindergarten, first, and second grade. Honestly, it will ultimately depend upon your students and where they are in their reading journey

Learning to read is one of the most critical skills for students to learn. They will read various materials throughout their lives, so they need a strong foundation. Thankfully, phonics skills are the perfect way to build this. With the Decodable Comprehension Passages and Booklets, students will focus on essential phonics skills while becoming stronger readers!

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