5 Books to Read Aloud During the Last Week of School

The end of the school year is exciting, exhausting, and emotional.  As much as I am always ready for Summer Break, I am never ready to say “goodbye” to my class.  I started pulling out my books for the end of the year last week and it made me happy and sad all at the same time.

These 5 books are some of my favorite books to read aloud during the last week of school.  They are perfect for wrapping up the school year and bringing closure for you and your students.

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1.  Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg

If you read, First Day Jitters, at the beginning of the school year, this is a must-read.  Mrs. Hartwell’s students worry that their teacher will miss them over summer break, so the class comes up with some ideas so she won’t be sad.  After reading this book, I love to have my students make cards or write letters to staff that they will miss over the summer.

2.  Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Last Day of School by Julie Gassman

All of the “Do Not Bring Your Dragon” books are fun read alouds, and this one is no different.  The illustrations are bright and eye-catching, and the students LOVE to help you read it aloud with the rhyming text and repeated phrases.

3. I Knew You Could by Craig Dorfman

This one has a great end of the school year message as you send your students off to their future.  This would also make a great graduation gift or a book that is passed along from teacher to teacher for your own child.  For young kids, it may need a little bit of explaining to get the “big picture,” but this always leads to wonderful discussions.

4. No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teacher’s Dirty Looks by Diane deGroat

If you enjoy the “Gilbert” books throughout the school year, your students will love this one.  Gilbert and his classmates are ready for summer break.  They will be getting awards on the last day of school and Gilbert is worried that he won’t get one.

5.  I Wish You More by Amy Rosenthal

This is a great last day of school book.  The pictures are beautiful and the messages are sweet and simple.  Each page leads to a great discussion where you can have your students explain why that would be a wish that you have for them.

I hope you enjoy these end of the school year books.  Which ones would you add to the list?

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  1. These are some great ideas I will have to look into them for next year. Always looking for things that last week of school!

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