ABC Countdown Freebie

Teachers and students experience so many emotions at the end of the year. For instance, there is much excitement over summer break. Between swimming and spending time with friends, summer is so much fun! However, there is also a lot of sadness. Going to school provides a sense of comfort, security, and safety for many students. So, the end of the year signals many changes. Thankfully, the ABC Countdown FREEBIE is here to help students enjoy the last few weeks together! 

ABC Countdown Freebie

Benefits of the ABC Countdown 

If you think back to the beginning of the year, students entered the classroom shy and scared. They didn’t know their new teacher or who they would sit with at lunch. Thankfully, students all became more comfortable as the days went by. 

Now, they are a classroom family and enjoy learning with each other. Sadly, the year is winding down, and students must prepare for a lot of transition. Honestly, this is hard! Between not seeing their friends each day to understanding they will have a  new teacher, it is stressful and exhausting. So, the ABC Countdown FREEBIE is the perfect way for students to celebrate the last 26 days together. 

Last Day Preparation 

As the last day of school approaches, some students are all smiles. However, many are also sad and scared. Instead of having no preparation for the last day of school, the ABC Countdown FREEBIE helps students adjust a bit each day. So, when the countdown begins, they gain more knowledge and comfort in knowing how much of the year is left. Honestly, this is an incredible way for students to have fun while allowing their minds and body to process the upcoming changes. 

ABC Countdown FREEBIE 

The last 26 days of school all have an added unique element. However, none are too distracting to take away from the last weeks of learning, reviewing, and assessing. Instead, they allow students to celebrate their progress while having something to unite the class during the last few weeks together. 

For instance, students will bring a stuffed animal to school, chew a piece of gum, and play with chalk. Additionally, students will wear a hat, play a game with classmates, and have extra recess. Honestly, each day consists of something that students love. So, while they may be sad the year is ending, there is something uplifting daily. 

As students and teachers reflect on the year, it is incredible to see all the growth. Students have learned so much content and should be proud of themselves! In many ways, the ABC Countdown FREEBIE allows them to celebrate this progress. They have earned a special celebration each day after going through months of hard work and never giving up. This will be a year students never forget with their fantastic teacher and special activities! 

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