5 Tips For New Teachers

Do you ever think back to your first year as a new teacher? If so, you probably experienced many questions, concerns, and uncertainty. Sadly, there were probably some tears and sleepless nights, too. It is just so hard to be a new teacher. No matter the educational program at college or how student teaching went, there is nothing compared to leading your classroom. So, new teachers need support, guidance, and supportive team members. Thankfully, these 5 tips for new teachers will help provide some insight into where to start when the year begins! 

5 Tips for New Teachers

Joys of Teaching 

Honestly, there is no other profession like teaching. There is so much joy in spending days with the future of the world. However, this also puts pressure on teachers to ensure students learn what they need. On top of learning, teachers are juggling additional aspects. This includes endless paperwork, extracurricular duties, and meetings. Unfortunately, the joys of teaching can diminish with all the profession’s responsibilities. However, these 5 tips for new teachers are here to help ensure that does not happen! 

1. Build Relationships 

You are going to spend hours and hours with your students every week. So, you will want this time to be enjoyable. This involves students wanting to work and not complaining about every assignment. What is the key to this? Building relationships! You have to get to know your students and their families. They have to know you care and are there to help them. Honestly, building positive relationships is vital to creating a supportive classroom environment where students want to work and learn. This is key to improving student outcomes! Here are some tips for building classroom community.

2. Be Organized 

Teachers have a ton on their plate. There is no need to add more stress with lost papers or unprepared lessons. Creating a system for planning lessons, grading, and keeping track of student progress is crucial. Being organized will help you manage your time more effectively and make each day enjoyable. 

3. Seek Support 

Everyone was once a new teacher and knows how challenging it is. So, when considering these 5 tips for new teachers, know everyone was in your shoes once! Honestly, it is a pair that no one would want to wear again. This is why teachers must support each other. Don’t be afraid to seek support from colleagues, mentors, or administration. Having someone to talk to when navigating new or difficult situations will feel so good. 

4. Be Flexible 

No matter how prepared you are or how well you plan, things constantly change in education. This can be from a printer breaking, technology going down, an unexpected fire alarm, or even an assembly. Additionally, it can be students just not understanding the material as quickly as you hoped. You need to be prepared to adapt and adjust in many ways. This includes in lesson plans and in your goals for each day. Ultimately, you make decisions that are best for students. Being flexible can help ensure they truly learn the material. 

5. Practice Self-Care 

Teaching can be stressful. So, it is essential to take care of yourself. This means making time for activities that help you relax and recharge. It may be exercising, reading, spending time with loved ones, or putting on a face mask. Do whatever makes you happy and helps you rejuvenate! 

While teaching is so rewarding, it is also incredibly demanding. These 5 tips for new teachers are here to help during the challenging first years. Whenever times get tough, see if you can revise routines to help make each day more enjoyable. You will love each day in your incredible classroom once you find what works for you and your students! 

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