Colorize Your Classroom

The Astrobrights Paper Colorize Your Classroom Challenge is back, and I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Astrobrights for this campaign.


Studies show that color can increase memory by up to 50 percent and help students remain engaged.


ColorizeYourClassroom.com gives teachers a gallery of inspiration and ideas on how color can help transform their classrooms.


The Astro Bright Minds have issued four different challenges that tackle problems teachers face when creating the right environment for their students: classroom décor, organization, differentiated instruction and memorization.
I will be discussing how I use color in my classroom to help with differentiated instruction.
I love using color to differentiate sight word lists for my students.  I begin by finding out which sight words my students still need to work on. (This year, I had an amazing parent volunteer help me with this.)
After figuring out which list each student needs to start on, I give the student a “bookmark” with that list of sight words.  I print each list on a different color of Astrobrights cardstock.
I print these 2-sided, so each student actually has two sight word lists to work on.  Once they have mastered this list, they move onto the next color.
My students can keep these in their pencil boxes, on their desks, or in a book they are reading, so the lists are always at their fingertips.
I also love to use color for differentiating my small groups.
I received these tubs from Lakeshore Learning Resources a couple of years ago, and they are perfect for my small groups.  I can place the items that we will be working on into these tubs for the week (books, sight word cards, fluency passages, etc.).
I also have correlating tabs in my Small Group Binder with the color for each group.
This allows me to find my reading resources, like Running Records and other reading notes, quickly.
I’d LOVE to hear how you use color to differentiate in your classroom?
Think you have a bright idea? Check out the challenges on ColorizeYourClassroom.com, upload an image of your own solution using color paper and enter to win a yearlong sponsorship from Astrobrights worth $5,000.
Enter up to four times, once for each challenge.
 Submit your idea and Astrobrights may feature it as the pick of the week on Facebook to help other teachers colorize their learning.
Visit ColorizeYourClassroom.com for details, official rules for entry and hundreds of ideas on how to Colorize Your Classroom.



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