Classroom Must-Haves for Back to School

As teachers plan for the new school year, they often make needed purchases. These items may be something they wished they had last year or saw this summer. Either way, teachers do everything they can to create a welcoming, supportive environment for students. So, I am excited to share my classroom must-haves for back to school with Amazon affiliate links! While every classroom has different needs, this list is perfect for new and veteran teachers!

Classroom Must-Haves for Back to School

Budget-Friendly List 

Teachers spend so much of their own money on the classroom. Honestly, they do this out of the kindness in their heart for students. So, this list of classroom must-haves for back to school keeps in mind a teacher budget. This means the items all positively impact students’ education without breaking the bank. Additionally, many are items I purchase every year. I can usually catch them at a great price or on sale by buying them now! The following items are Amazon Affiliate links.

Door Bell

Teachers always look for ways to get students’ attention while they work. However, this can be hard with a classroom full of students collaborating. Additionally, vocal attention grabbers can lead to a sore voice by the end of the day. So, this is one of my favorite classroom must-haves for back to school! With the click of a button, the entire class is back together. Best of all, you can use it year after year!

Classroom Must-Haves for Back to School: Door Bell

Name Tags

Are you always trying a new type of name tag with hopes they will actually last all year? I know this was always stressful for me! Luckily, these vinyl name tags provide the perfect solution! They last ALL year and are easy to remove at the end of the school year.


Students can use Play-Doh in so many ways! It works great to form letters, numbers, and shapes. Additionally, it is the perfect resource for collaborative play during inside recess. 

Classroom Must-Haves for Back To School: Play Doh

Dry Erase Erasers

Students love working on a whiteboard instead of worksheets. As a bonus, whiteboards help reduce time wasted figuring out why the printer has another jam. So, these erasers are an excellent way for students to erase their work when finished. 

Whiteboard Erasers

Birthday crowns

Celebrating birthdays with friends is one of the best ways to spend the day. Students will love wearing their crowns while they celebrate in the classroom. 

Classroom Must-Haves for Back to School: Birthday Crown

Pencil Sharpener

Let’s face it- the pencil sharpener attached to the wall is far from great. It is loud, takes forever, and makes a mess. So, this is one of my favorite classroom must-haves for back to school. It does a fantastic job sharpening pencils with little noise and quick speed. 

Classroom Must-Haves for back to school: pencil sharpener

Ink Joy Pens

Every teacher has their favorite pens. These are mine! I love how smoothly they write and how they do not smear. 

Classroom Must-Haves for Back to School: Ink Joy Pens

Loctite Mounting Putty

It is so frustrating to walk into your classroom and find posters sitting on the floor. Unfortunately, this happens every year. This is one of the only things that I’ve found that works to hang things on my cinder block walls. It actually holds them up, too! 

Loctite Putty

Star Student Poster

Building a classroom community is always at the top of a teacher’s list. So, these posters are one of the best purchases as classroom must-haves for back to school. They allow students to share about themselves. These can hang around the classroom as students learn about their classmates Honestly, these are a great start to building a supportive community. 

All About Me Poster


Stickers provide a phenomenal incentive for students! My students loved these “pun stickers” last year. They are so cute with hilarious sayings. 

Stickers for Elementary Students

There are so many incredible classroom must-haves for back to school! While some are essential elements to learning, others are nice to have as ways to bring extra excitement to learning. I hope this list provides some inspiration and money-saving resources to have a great year.

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