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April Math and Literacy Worksheets

As the end of the year approaches, students and teachers experience various emotions. For instance, both are eager for summer break and time to enjoy warm weather. However, students know they will miss seeing their friends each day. Teachers also feel pressure to ensure students master the information needed for the next grade. So, teachers are incorporating fun activities covering essential material that allow students to work together. Since planning these activities takes time, there are April Math & Literacy Worksheets to help! Having an entire month of activities ready to go will feel so nice! 

math & literacy worksheets

Complexity of April 

Honestly, April can be a tough month in the classroom. Between the range of emotions over the end of the year approaching, spring break and Easter are also nearing. So, students may have difficulty handling all their emotions and excitement. This is precisely why they need activities that support their learning process in creative ways. Luckily, these worksheets do exactly that! 

April Math & Literacy Worksheets 

These engaging math and language arts worksheets are perfect for April! Specifically, 15 math and 15 language arts worksheets cover the many standards students learn in 1st grade. 

Math Focus 

First graders learn so much in math! So, these worksheets cover a range of skills. This includes addition and subtraction with no regrouping, adding 3 numbers, equivalent fractions, and fact fluency. Additionally, there are worksheets for greater than and less than, missing numbers, number grid puzzles, expanded form, and 3D shapes. Honestly, these worksheets provide an incredible overview of essential math standards. 

math & literacy worksheets

Literacy Focus 

Learning how to read and spell is exhausting! So, there are plenty of fun review activities to ensure students have confidence in their abilities. This includes practice on digraphs, nouns, abbreviations, adjectives, and fixing sentences. Additionally, students will work on hard and soft C and G, inflectional endings, R-controlled vowels, and long and short vowels. Students will be thankful for this practice! 


All of these activities are great for various formats. For instance, they are perfect for whole-group review, small group, and independent practice. They even work for April morning work, homework, or for substitute plans. 


Teachers have a lot to handle in April! So, the April Math & Literacy Worksheets are no prep. Teachers just need to click print and decide when to implement. They can even print one at a time or the entire collection to have ready whenever needed. 

Grade Level Focus 

Ideally, this product works best for 1st-grade students. However, it also works for higher kindergarten students or below-level 2nd-grade students. 

While April may be rainy, students are full of energy! They can finally play outside again and not worry about wearing so many layers. Thankfully, the April Math & Literacy Worksheets help ensure they focus in the classroom. Students will love getting to work on essential information in a fun and exciting way. 

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