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All About Weather

I love teaching a weather unit around this time every year.  At least in Indiana, March is perfect for teaching about weather because one day it will be in the 70’s and the next day, it will be snowing.  You can pretty much guarantee that March in Indiana is going to bring sun, snow, rain, and thunderstorms, so we get some real life experience with it all.
We began on Monday by brainstorming a list of weather words. 
After creating our list, I passed out 2 raindrop shapes to each student and had them write a weather word and illustrate it for our Weather Vocabulary board that will stay up in our classroom while we are learning about weather.
The following day, we began learning all about wind.  We read our “Wind” informational sheet {from my All About Weather packet} and highlighted new vocabulary words. 
After we discussed our new vocabulary, we worked on going back into the text and using text evidence to find the answers to our comprehension questions.
When discussing wind, we talked a lot about helpful vs. harmful wind using these sheets included in my packet.
The students loved being able to look at “real” weather pictures.  It really helped with their understanding.
Through the week last week, I introduced a different weather topic each day.  We read about the topic, found new vocabulary, and went back into our text to answer questions about the passages. 
Each topic in my All About Weather packet also includes a poem and a simple writing assignment.

After discussing the types of precipitation, we created these flip charts to help explain the different types of precipitation that fall from the sky.

 We will continue our learning about weather over the next two weeks.  We will learn about clouds and make a cloud chart.
We will also learn all about the water cycle.  My first graders look forward to learning about the weather each day.
You can find my new All About Weather Unit at Teachers Pay Teachers.
The unit includes all of the informational passages with “real pictures” from above as well as comprehension questions, writing pages, vocabulary sheets, and more.  You will also find an “All About Clouds” booklet and a “Water Cycle” booklet as well as some other weather pages.
 I included picture vocabulary words that are great to post in your classroom.
I am really excited about this unit and everything that is included.
Head on over to my TpT store to check it out.

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  1. OMG I LOVE your weather unit! I just added it to my cart on TpT, though we teach our weather unit in October. I went to college in Indiana (Go Boilers!), so I know exactly what you're talking about with the spring weather. However, here in Chicago, I have to say it's worse this year! UGH!

    Thanks for all the cute ideas!

    Happily Teaching

  2. Weather in Indiana sounds a lot like weather here in Houston. One day we're wearing short sleeves and the next we're piling on the layers. We actually had two "ice days!" I love, love, love your weather unit! I really like how you have your kids work on new vocabulary and how you keep your vocabulary board up for the duration of the unit. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas. Have a great day!

    Antoinette 🙂
    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

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