October Interactive Fact Folders

Students are always so curious about how everything in the world works. They are especially curious whenever a holiday or special event arrives! Sadly, they often cannot find the answers they want within the curriculum of classroom materials. While this is understandable since curriculum makers design resources for all ages and backgrounds, teachers want to foster curiosity. Thankfully, there are ways to embed fascinating information within the content standards! For instance, the October Interactive Fact Folders are the perfect way to embed student interest with academics! 

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Student Interests in the Classroom 

Students spend so much of their day in the classroom. While this is needed to learn everything, many students struggle to do this. Honestly, it is hard to sit still and learn so much content every day. However, they are naturally more engaged when their interests are in the lessons. They are eager to learn more, which makes time fly by. Thankfully, these fact folders are excellent ways to bring learning alive for students. 

October Interactive Fact Folders 

Fact folders are exactly what the name implies- folders filled with facts! However, they are not just random facts. Every lesson focuses on aspects students love most during October. For instance, this includes bats, spiders, and the life cycle of a pumpkin. To add great compare and contrast skills, students will even analyze a bat versus a bird and a spider versus an insect. 

Each topic includes vocabulary words to expand student knowledge. Students will love going home and telling their parents all about these topics using new words. 

Additionally, there are fact sheet graphic organizers to improve comprehension. Students can even use the included fact sheets where they can read and highlight information. 

There are fun writing pages for students to showcase all they learned about the different topics. Honestly, this is an incredible way for students to showcase their comprehension skills. Parents will love hearing their little ones come home and share all the fascinating facts about October! The keepsake folders will be something students love to save and explore throughout the year! 

Month Long Lessons 

Planning is exhausting for teachers. There is never enough time in the day to get everything done, so planning often occurs during the weekend. Luckily, this will no longer be the case with the October interactive fact folders. Teachers will have several lessons ready to go for the entire month! Best of all, students will be excited to read, write, and discuss different topics they are curious about. 

There is so much excitement during October. Honestly, it is the kick-off of an exciting holiday season. Thankfully, the October Interactive Fact Folders allow students to learn more about many aspects they enjoy! Teachers will love all the smiling faces once students start working on fact folders. 

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