Alphabet Poetry

I love using poetry in my classroom.  It’s great for working on reading fluency as well as rhyming words and word patterns.
During those first few weeks of school, it is so important to build your student’s reading confidence.  I have found that using simple poetry is the perfect way to do this.
A couple years ago, I created an Alphabet Poetry packet that included very simple and easy to read poems for each letter of the alphabet.  This week, I gave it a major overhaul with new graphics and fonts.
Alphabet Poetry
This first set of poems are very short and great for beginning readers.
Alphabet Poetry
I have included a color and a black and white version of each poem.  I also have a handwriting tracing page, and a blank page.  These are great for early in the year handwriting practice.
Alphabet Poetry
The poems are a great addition to a poetry folder for the beginning of the year.
Alphabet Poetry
If you already own this set, you can go and redownload the update at no additional cost.

After updating this first set, I decided to create a second set of poems that are at a little higher level.

This set may work better for some of your students or as a follow up to the first set of poems.
Alphabet Poetry Set 2
 They are written in the same format, but are a little longer.
Alphabet Poetry
Alphabet Poetry
I have also bundled both sets of poems together.
Do you use poems in your classroom on a regular basis?

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  1. yes – I LOVE using poems in my classroom! Songs and poems, they are so great for so many reason 🙂 I love using your poems too!

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