Father’s Day – Donuts with Dad

A couple weeks ago, I had a Donuts with Dad morning in my classroom.  If you happen to still be in school (sorry), this is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day with your students.
In preparation, we made mugs that I purchased from Dollar Tree.
I purchased Elmer’s paint markers to use.  Originally, I was going to use Sharpies, but after reading many tutorials, I went with the actual paint markers instead.
I was a little worried about these being messy or running down the mug, but they were great!
My goal was to take these mugs home and bake them to try to keep the marker from washing away…however, it was the last few days of school and life was just too crazy.
Instead, I just included these instructions for the dads.
We also practiced poems to read to our dads, and made our Father’s Day Flipbooks.
I made a slideshow to share that included pictures of each child along with what they loved about their dad.
It was a great morning!

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