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Learning how to read is such a complex task. Students must know their letters and the sounds they make. Additionally, they have to be able to blend sounds to form words. As an added challenge, they must learn about specific rules changes, such as R-controlled vowels. Thus, learning to read fluently takes a ton of practice and patience. Thankfully, the CVC Sound and Blends & Digraphs sound fluency cards make learning exciting and enjoyable! 

CVC Sound and Word Fluency Task CarDS

These task cards are the perfect way to help students who struggle to read CVC words fluently! Students will use their phonics knowledge to build words systematically and explicitly. Since this is a challenging skill, it is essential not to overwhelm students. Thus, they will begin by making the consonant sound on the card. Then, they will practice the vowel sounds. Students will progress to blending these sounds to make real and nonsense CVC words.

sound fluency

Honestly, it will take time for students to build word fluency. Hence, this resource includes 36 sound and word fluency cards. Each card consists of a beginning consonant sound and 2-3 vowel sounds. Additionally, there are CVC words to read. Students will have such a fun time practicing their letter sounds! Best of all, these task cards are an effective way for students to improve their skills. 

Blends & Digraphs Sound Fluency Task Cards

These sound fluency cards are perfect for students who struggle to read CCVC words fluently! Students will begin by making the consonant sound or the digraph sound on the card. Then, they will practice their vowel sounds. Students will blend the sounds to make real and nonsense words to bring the skills together. 

Luckily, plenty of cards ensure students practice their letter sounds to build words! There are 46 sound and word fluency cards. Specifically, they contain I blends, r blends, s blends, 3-letter blends, and digraphs. Students will love working on fluency with these engaging task cards! 

sound fluency


Both sound fluency task cards are perfect for small group or partner lessons. It is helpful to print and laminate the cards to ensure they last for years. Additionally, this makes them a quick and easy tool to pull out for a short warm-up or review activity. Understandably, small groups or partners may not always be possible. Luckily, these cards also work great in independent fluency folders and to send home for practice. 

Linked to Research 

There are always studies being done on different techniques to help students learn. For instance, this includes developing new reading strategies or ways to close learning gaps. Honestly, it is helpful to look into current techniques to ensure students receive the best instruction. Thus, the task cards are aligned with the Science of Reading and Orton-Gillingham instructional techniques. This ensures the activities include current research on the most effective ways to teach students fluency. 

The CVC Sound and Blends & Digraphs task cards are a supportive and hands-on way for students to improve their skills. Teachers love how the sound fluency cards help students improve skills while students love the fun activities! 

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  1. This is a great resource! Fluency is a tricky skill to teach, and I love how you’ve broken it down into small pieces. I really thing my firsties will find success and have fun with this learning tool!

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