Animal Reports plus QR Codes

Our school district holds a Literacy Fair every year in March.  Each of the elementary schools has a booth at the fair, which is hosted in a local shopping center.  Each student has writing on display during the Literacy Fair, whether in a class book or individual books.
This year, I decided to have my students write animal reports.
Each student chose an animal to write about.  They wrote a description of the animal on the first page.
Then, they wrote about the habitat of the animal.
On the last page, they wrote about the type of food that their animal eats.
When they were finished, I recorded each of the students reading their reports using the app Audioboom.  Then, I created a QR code to attach to their front cover.
If you need directions on how to use Audioboom and QR codes, click HERE.
If you’d like to check out my Animal Reports, you can click on the picture below.

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