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Teachers are so busy tackling items off their to-do lists. However, more items are added to it each day. Honestly, this is the reality for teachers throughout the entire school year. Thankfully, there are resources to help ensure the year begins smoothly. This may be learning new classroom management tips or finding creative lesson ideas. There is just so much to handle with back-to-school prep. Luckily, the two ideas below will help teachers enjoy summer while preparing for a fantastic year. 

Morning Tubs 

The start of the day can be chaotic for an elementary teacher. They often have to check folders and submit attendance and lunch counts. On top of this, they have a room full of students who have a sudden burst of energy. Thus, it is essential to have a solid routine in place to handle the morning chaos. So, when working on back-to-school prep, consider morning tubs. 

morning tubs

Morning tubs are exactly what the name implies- tubs students work on in the morning! I fill tubs with different types of items. For instance, this may be Play-doh, mini erasers, Legos, popsicle sticks, and math manipulatives. Personally, I have 6 different tubs at a time and rotate small groups to each tub. Thankfully, this means I only change them out every 18 school days. 

After turning in their folder and completing a short morning work assignment, students head to get their tub. Then, they get to be creative and design something with their items. Honestly, it is incredible to look out and see how focused students are during this time! 

I’m sure you have questions about implementing morning tubs while managing the morning routine. For help and guidance, check out Morning Tubs- All Your Questions Answered

back to school Assessment Prep 

While no teacher loves to give assessments, they can actually be helpful to know what students are capable of. By giving assessments at the start of the year, teachers will better grasp where to start. They also know who may need extra help and who may need more challenging work. 

Thankfully, the Beginning of the Year Assessments are the perfect, quick way to assess students. There are 12 simple assessments focusing on various reading and math topics. This includes letter naming, sentence dictation, counting, and simple addition. While these do not take long to administer, they provide great insight into students’ knowledge coming into the classroom. 

Back-to-school prep is time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. Likewise, it is also exciting and refreshing. Just as there are many emotions about starting a new year, there are many items to handle. Your students feel the same way you do! Yes, some may be more excited than others to return to school, but I’m sure all feel some nerves. To help calm down this crazy time, focus on what is best for you and your students! 

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