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Dictation sentences

Phonics skills create a solid foundation for students to become successful readers and writers. Honestly, they can handle many challenges when they understand how vowels, consonants, syllables, and blends work! For instance, they can sound out unknown words. This leads to better comprehension and understanding of the text. Likewise, phonics skills allow students to understand how the change in the order of letters changes the entire meaning. Honestly, practicing phonics skills is so essential for students. Thankfully, there are Daily Dictation Sentences to help students work on skills while providing incredible feedback for teachers. 

dictation sentences

Importance of Dictation Sentences 

Truly, there are so many phonics skills to learn. Each of them is vital for students to master as they progress on their journey to become readers and writers. Thus, dictation sentences allow students to apply their knowledge in their writing. They can show the teacher they have a true understanding of each specific skill. Likewise, students can receive additional help if they struggle with writing down the words or sentences. Ultimately, dictation sentences allow students to work on all of their phonics skills as they progress towards mastery. 

Daily Dictation Sentences

Honestly, dictation sentences are a powerful way for students to show what they know. They really are one of the best ways for students to prove their level of understanding. 

This resource includes 190 dictation sentences focusing on different phonics skills. Each sentence follows a logical Science of Reading Scope and Sequence that builds upon previously taught skills. Students will love that they have a consistent way to work on phonics skills that progress as they do. 

dictation sentences

Every day,  teachers will read focus words and a dictation sentence for students to write in their notebooks. Since students will complete this activity daily, they will know exactly what to do. Importantly, this means they will focus on the content versus figuring out how to complete the assignment. 

Immediate Feedback

After students write in their notebooks, teachers can immediately see whether or not each student understands the phonics skill. Ultimately, this means that teachers know who has mastered skills and who needs help. Likewise, it shows which skills need further instruction.

Additional Skills 

When working on dictation sentences, students are not only working on phonics skills. Additionally, they practice handwriting, punctuation, and capitalization. This quick activity allows students to practice so many essential skills at once. 



Dictation sentences are versatile in how teachers can implement them. For instance, students can work on this activity as a whole class. Furthermore, they can complete them with a small group. This group can then focus on re-teaching or progressing to the next skill. Similarly, dictation sentences work great for one-on-one instruction. No matter how teachers implement them, students will show their phonics understanding. 

Teachers work hard to ensure students learn as much as they can each year. They want every student to feel confident with the curriculum. Thankfully, the Daily Dictation Sentences provide an excellent way for students to showcase their phonics skills in a consistent format! 

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