How Teachers Feel After the First Day of School

Today was my 15th first day of teaching.  I think it’s a little like childbirth.  We have to forget how much work it really is or we may not come back to do it again.  So, how do teachers feel after the first day of school?  If you’re a teacher, you can probably relate to many of these.

1. “Did I accidentally swallow a piece of sandpaper, because my throat is killing me?” 

2. “I think I would rather walk barefoot into a public restroom than put my heels back on!”

3.  “Do you think I can get away with wearing slippers to school tomorrow?”

4. “5:00 is a reasonable bedtime tonight, right?”

5. “Does coffee come as an IV drip?”

6. “I need bigger paper.  My to-do list is too long.”

7. “Sure was nice over the summer when I could go to the bathroom whenever I needed to.”

8.  “My heart is so full!”

What are you thinking after your first day?

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