Digital Christmas Around the World

Teaching about other customs and traditions around the world is always fun to do at Christmas time.  My students always enjoy learning how other countries celebrate Christmas and comparing and contrasting their own traditions with others around the world.  Since we are virtual learning through the month of December, I wanted to be able to put our learning into a digital format that we could use during our Google Meet times.
Whether you are in-person or virtual learning right now, your students can still enjoy learning about Christmas Around the World with this digital packet that is perfect for Google Meet or Zoom.

This would also be perfect for in-class learning, and I definitely plan on using it next year when *hopefully* things are back to “normal.”

My students will be introduced to Luca who will take them around the world to 9 different countries as they learn a little bit about the customs and traditions in that country.  They will visit Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, United States, Italy, Russia, France, and England.  The entire presentation is saved in PowerPoint, but can easily be imported into Google Slides.

I also included printables where students can record their learning if they are in-person.

Click on the picture below to read more about this Digital Christmas Around the World packet.

Whether you are in-person or virtual, your students can still learn all about Christmas Around the World with this packet that is perfect to use with Zoom or Google Meet.

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