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presidents’ Day ActiviTies

When students hear the words “President’s Day,” they often think about an extra day off school. However, they must know the reason behind the day. It is a time to celebrate all of the United States Presidents. Serving in this role is such a difficult task, so students must know it is about more than a day off. Luckily, there are tons of Presidents’ Day activities to ensure students understand the importance of this national holiday. 

Presidents' Day Activities

Presidents’ Day Activities 

Presidents’ Day Booklet 

There is so much fascinating information to learn about President’s Day! Thankfully, this booklet incorporates fun activities to teach students. There is a word search along with fill-in-the-blank pages, coloring pages, and writing pages. Students will have fun while learning all about presidents! 

Interactive Fact Folder for February 

Fact folders are a fantastic way to teach about essential topics! They provide hands-on activities while students learn about various subjects. For February, this includes dental health, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. 

Each fact folder allows students to learn about these three topics through different activities. For instance, students will color foods that are good for teeth and words to describe George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Additionally, there are important vocabulary words and fact sheets that are perfect for reading. There are even fact sheet graphic organizers and writing pages! 

Students will also make a keepsake for each topic to share with families at home. Everyone will love learning about these topics and creating a fact folder. 

Read Alouds 

There are so many excellent books about presidents and President’s Day. So, explore the library and pick out a few to read to students. This is an amazing way to teach important facts while allowing students to listen to a great story! 

Virtual Field Trip 

Many organizations offer virtual field trips. This includes museums with areas focused on presidents. Even the White House provides one! By selecting one for the class, students can see artifacts used by presidents and explore where they live while in office. 

Patriotic Word Search 

There are many vital words when learning about President’s Day. So, teachers can create a word search to help students learn about them. Great words to include are president, White House, leader, patriotic, brave, and red, white, and blue! 


Students love crafts! Luckily, there are many great options when celebrating President’s Day! This includes creating the American flag, making a portrait of a president, and designing the Liberty Bell. Depending on the ability of students, they can even write an interesting fact about their design! 

The President of the United States has one of the most challenging jobs in America. There are an enormous amount of decisions to make while understanding it is impossible to make everyone happy. By teaching students all President’s Day, they will learn the importance of respecting America’s leader and understanding how complex the role is! 

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