Do you Go Noodle?

Do you use the website Go Noodle in your classroom?  I love it…and for SO many reasons!  I love that it gives my students a quick, engaging brain break when they need it.  (Don’t we all need Brain Breaks.)  I love that it gets my students up and moving.  But, what I love the most is that it is so much fun!  My students absolutely love Go Noodle!
We use GoNoodle for so many reasons.  My students are obsessed with the Koo Koo Kangaroo series and the new MooseTube videos.  These are my go-to ones for a quick brain break.  These fun songs get my students up and moving.  It has been so amazing to see my shy, introverted students break out of their shells during this time.
I also love the Brainercise series to help my students with their concentration and focus skills.
I just cannot say enough great things about GoNoodle. 
My own kids love it as well!  This is my kindergartener using it in my classroom after school.
I’m excited to be participating in the GoNoodle Blogger Blitz going on today!  Leave a comment below for a chance to WIN a GoNoodle Champ t-shirt.  I will randomly pick a winner September 11th.
You can also save 15% off of EVERYTHING in the GoNoodle Shop September 4th-11th using the code BTSwithGoNoodle.

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  1. LOVE Go Noodle!! I use Go Noodle to get my students up and moving during that afternoon slump! I also let the top DoJo points person pick which video we do.

  2. I love Go Noodle. I have used it in the classroom for the last couple of years and the kids can't wait. They have also learned their ten facts quicker than ever before as they can't wait to get to the transmogrifier!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. We love GoNoodle in our first grade classroom! I also like to take a wiggle break with my kiddos. And when the pressure is on or we just need to calm down (like after lunch) we use "Air Time" or "Flow" to bring our brains back to focus. Great tool for the classroom.

  4. I am a Pre-K Teacher and I never heard of Go Noodle before reading your article. Now, I'm so excited to share it with my students. We all have times when it is hard to get the wiggles out, refocus our energy on a topic, or relax our minds. I can't wait to GO NOODLE this week with my group! Thanks for sharing this great resource. ?

  5. My firsties and I LOVE go noodle! We use it for brain and body breaks, to mark a change in a long block of learning, and for inside recess. My kids beg for it, so I also use it as a reward for staying on task and getting our "have-tos" done. Sometimes I even do some on my own before school, just to get in the groove!

  6. I <3 Go Noodle and so do my firsties! We usually do an energizing Go Noodle (Koo Koo Kanga Roo are definite favorites) in the morning. We will often do a more calming one (Maximo) in the afternoon. Go Noodle really helps focus my friends!

  7. I love Gonoodle! We use it for motor breaks throughout our day. It really helps my students to concentrate and it gives them extra minutes everyday for exercise! What's not to love?

  8. I'm not sure how we would make it through the day without GoNoodle, especially since recess time has been cut! I decided to incorporate GoNoodle as a part of our birthday celebrations this year. The birthday kid gets to choose the brain break!

  9. We love to use gonoodle. I have been using it and watching it evolve the last 2 years. There is SO much on there now that everyone is sure to be able to find something they can use. I don't know how anyone goes without it 🙂

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