A Cricut in my Classroom

Have you ever tried a Cricut?  I was lucky enough to get one to try out in my classroom, and I am in LOVE with it!!!  If I wasn’t so overwhelmed with all of the “back to school” craziness, I think I would sit around and make things with it all day long.
It is so easy to use.  The setup took maybe a whole 5 minutes, and within no time, I was cutting away.
My first project was to fancy up my entryway into my classroom.  I have a weird half wall as soon as you enter my room.  {The sink is on the opposite side.}  I wanted something bright that would catch my student’s attention each day.
I cut the letters for “AWESOME” from thick cardstock.  Then,  all I had to do was switch the dial on the Cricut, and I was ready to cut “Make today” from vinyl.

 The next thing I added to my classroom décor was this vinyl on the full length mirror in my classroom.  This mirror is used all.the.time!  It’s perfect for checking out those wiggly 1st grade teeth 😉
My third project was this fun Welcome Banner.  The Cricut gives you the ability to print using your computer, and then cut using the Cricut.
The possibilities are endless.  Here are a couple other projects in my classroom.
{I organize my papers for the week in these tubs.}
 {This tub is perfect for storing our clipboards.}
 {I love having  “sharpened” and “unsharpened” buckets for our pencils.}
 {The Cricut is great for printing out letters on cardstock in ANY font you have on your computer.}
 {This is a super simple way to fancy up an old, ugly teacher’s desk.}
 {I have “hello” on the front of my classroom door, and “goodbye” on the inside of my door.}
So…now for some great news.  Did you know that you can enter to win up to $20,000 in prizes for teachers and educators?  Click on the picture below to head on over to Cricut’s Facebook page, and enter to win!

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