Ideas for the Morning

Honestly, how the morning starts is a great predictor of how the way will go. So, if students come in loud and excited, they will often continue like this. While it is nice to see students so happy, it can be hard to channel this much excitement into learning. This is why it is essential to have ideas for the morning! Students need to know exactly what to do when entering the classroom for there to be a supportive learning environment. 

Ideas for the morning

Morning Work 

If morning work is ready before students enter the classroom, they will know exactly what to do after putting their bookbags away. For instance, the First Grade Morning Work offers resources for the entire year! The activities progress in difficulty as students learn more material. Additionally, the activities all follow a consistent format. With morning work like this, students can work independently while the teacher handles morning responsibilities. 

Classroom Circle 

Teachers work so hard to develop a classroom community. One of the best ways to do this is through interactions. By having a classroom circle, students can all answer the same question. This may be about their favorite food or favorite superhero. Students will love sharing about themselves and building relationships with classmates. 

Morning Meeting 

When planning ideas for the morning, they must help students prepare their minds for learning. So, a morning meeting can set the tone for the day. Students can review their schedule and any unfamiliar changes and ask questions they have. This also provides a great time to review the lunch offering, the weather, and the material learned the day prior. 

Morning Tubs 

Honestly, morning tubs are one of my favorite ideas for the morning. Students enter, put their things away, complete a quick morning worksheet, and find a tub! There are always multiple options for them to explore different interests. Students focus, think critically, and use their imagination while working on morning tubs. 

Morning Tubs Morning Ideas for the Classroom


Journals are not only one of my favorite ideas for the morning, but they also help add to writing practice. Students can write or draw a picture about what they had for dinner, what they are looking forward to, or their general thoughts. 

Learning Preparation 

The morning is a great time to prepare workstations. So, students can sharpen pencils, get a drink, and have their snacks ready. They can also make sure their desk is clean. 

Directed Drawings 

Hands-on ideas for the morning are always a great way to start the day! My students love having a directed drawing video on the board. They always design the cutest pictures! While working, I can walk around and help, check folders, and submit attendance. 

Read Aloud 

Listening to a book creates a classroom full of students eager to start the day! There is always so much excitement when students find out they get to listen to a new book. 

Thankfully, there are tons of great ideas for the morning! Teachers can all select what works best for their students. Whether this is the same routine each day or switching things up, there are many fun options.

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