FREE Online Learning at Home

We have definitely seen where tough times bring out the best in people, and this pandemic has shown us that all over again.  With schools closing, teachers and parents everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to make this all work.  It has been truly amazing to see teachers and educational companies come together to help.

I have received so many emails from companies over the last couple of days that are offering their online services for FREE, and I wanted to put together a list for you.  Some of these sites are always free, while others have add-ons or are free for a certain time period.

Online Learning At Home


I have also made this “clickable” to allow you to go directly to each website.  Just click on the picture above to download the clickable PDF.

Teachers and parents, we are in this together!  Stay positive and stay healthy!

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  1. While online learning at home offers convenience, mastering certain subjects independently poses challenges. Having a service like on hand is invaluable for students struggling with assignments, providing the support needed for successful learning.

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