Word Stairs

This week I found myself with 5 extra minutes before a fire drill.  Not one to sit around and waste time ,{which is a disaster waiting to happen in a 1st grade classroom anyways} I drew a staircase on the board.  I wrote a CVC word at the bottom and began calling on students to change ONE letter to make a new word.  We continued until we reached the top of the staircase.
 My students LOVE this simple activity and it’s great for reviewing phonics and spelling skills!
I created some Word Stairs that I will be putting in our Word Work tub for Daily 5.
You can click HERE to download them for FREE.  I also included a blank sheet so you could create your own or have your students choose the beginning word.

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  1. This is the SMARTEST idea…and so fun to do! I have a few high kinder kids that will love this challenge! THANK YOU! ~ are you going to make any more and sell them? They are super!

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