Guess What’s in the Egg?

You have to love the plastic eggs this time of year and all the things you can use them for.  Here is yet another idea for you.  Every year I send home a plastic egg with each child and a note explaining what to do.
Click on the picture to download
I begin by showing the students my plastic egg.  I give them three clues about what’s in my egg and then they try to guess from my clues. 

My students are always so excited to bring their eggs back the next day to share.

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  1. I've been doing the same activity this week to tie in with our study of adjectives. The kids are loving it. I've been giving a small treat to the person who guesses correctly and to the person who thinks of good adjectives so their item can be guessed. It has brought up a lot of discussion about choosing explicit adjectives.

  2. This is such a cute idea! We usually have our students give clues about the items they bring to share every week, but this is waaay more fun! thanks for sharing 🙂 and I love the egg-fonts 😉

  3. Cute! We did something like that for the 100th day. They put 100 of something into a brown lunch sack and wrote 3 clues. If you're looking for another way to use your eggs check out the science center I posted a couple of weeks ago.


  4. I did this activity with my students and they loved it. I was so impressed with the creative items they chose to put in the eggs! You are so clever and have such great ideas for students. I check your blog everyday to see what new things your up to! Love, Love, Love all of your teaching ideas!

    Happy Easter:)

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