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Fancy Nancy

I had seen the idea for using the Fancy Nancy books to teach vocabulary and creating a Fancy Nancy Words bulletin board before.  I had been wanting to implement it since forever ago, but just never did. So, this week I DID IT!!  Wahoo!  And, let me tell you, it is spectacular, splendid, and sensational (Those are fancy words for great!)
There are tons of Fancy Nancy books so I plan on reading one about twice a week until the end of the school year.  Next year, I will start this MUCH earlier and do a different book each week.
I hit up Dollar Tree (big surprise) and bought these:
So, I can transform into this for each story.
I had one of my students take this picture, so it’s at a weird angle 🙂
I dress as Fancy Nancy for each story.  (I looked for a boa and couldn’t find one, so Christmas garland worked, but as soon as I find a boa, you better believe I will be wearing it.)
I go through each book first to see which words I want to introduce.  I write them on the board and we discuss them, that way the students can listen for the words while I am reading.  After reading the book, we fill out our papers to add to  our Fancy Nancy Word Book.
 I tell them to write their words from the book in a fancy way. 
The students are overjoyed (that’s a fancy word for happy) to get to try out their skills with cursive and bubble letters.
 I write the words on index cards (decorate them with sequins) and post them on our Fancy Nancy Words bulletin board.
I am still in the process of making this “fancier.”

Another fun aspect to our Fancy Nancy words is that if I hear any student using one of our “Fancy” words, I pick up my glitter:
5 pack from Dollar Tree
 And sprinkle one dash on their desk.

 Ooh la la! This is a smashing success.  In case you didn’t already know this… KIDS LOVE GLITTER!!!
I will post more things as I add them to our Fancy Nancy fun!
I hope you had a spectacular, splendid, and sensational day.

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  1. We use Isabel Beck's vocabulary program at my school and I LOVE IT! However, whenever we talk about words I don't refer to them as Tier 1, 2 or 3 words, I just call them "Fancy Nancy" words. The kids totally get it. I have an Isabel Back b.board for these words, but I think I'll turn it into a Fancy Nancy b. board like yours!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I absolutely love Fancy Nancy! I have ALL the books and dressed as Fancy Nancy for book character day last year. I don't know if you have a Party City near you, but you can definitely find a feather boa there!


  3. I love this idea,especially the glitter! I am just now reading this and will definitely use this idea next year. Where did you get the paper for them to respond to the story? Would you be able to post a copy? Thanks so much!

  4. Hello,
    I LOVE the idea of giving a sprinkle of glitter when they use a sparkle word.
    I am getting my Fancy Nancy word wall ready. It will say Sparkle words on the sign and have a Little Fancy Nancy on it. It is a paperdoll that I downloaded from http://www.fancynancyworld.com I also printed out the color sheet on 11 x 17 and my husband is coloring it for the bulletin board. My sister owns a party business so I got hooked up with boas that will border my bulletin board. I will get photos posted when it is finished. Her website is http://www.onlinehalloween.com (tell her Kelly sent you).
    Thank you for the fancy words in books we read idea as well!

  5. You are so amazing! I see teacher of the year in your future. I've been looking for a creative idea to energize my class the last 5 weeks and this is just the one! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Love this idea!! I have been trying to think of other things to do with Fancy Nancy, besides reading and writing. Doing a lesson about suffixes later this week, and excited to incorporate some of your ideas! You are such an inspiration!!

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