Halloween Teacher Tired

This week has been lllllloooooonnnnnngggggg!  With Parent-Teacher Conferences, a full moon, and Halloween, I am just plain exhausted.
On Tuesday, we were pumpkin detectives.
I had three pumpkins on the table in my classroom when the students came in.  They each had to predict which pumpkin they thought would have the most seeds.  (For the record, no one guessed correctly.  The white pumpkin had the most.)
I split my students into 3 groups.  I took a group.  One of my room parents had a group, and two of my Indiana State ELED students took a group.
The students weighed the pumpkin.
They measured the height with cubes.
The students also measured the circumference with measuring tape.
They each recorded their findings on the clipboards after we wrote the information on our chart paper.  (You can download the printables HERE.)
 We also came up with words to describe the outside and inside of the pumpkin.
Finally, it was time to start counting the seeds.
 We put the seeds into groups of 10 to help keep track of our counting.
Definitely cover your desks or tables with plastic tablecloths.  It makes clean up super easy!
Today, we completed a fun writing activity that my students LOVED!  I saw this idea floating around on Instagram and knew I had to give it a try.
I created a printable with a picture of my face, and the students had to write what they thought I should be for Halloween.  I loved their creativity!
Download this FREEBIE by clicking HERE.

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