Guided Reading in November

A couple weeks ago I created a Guided Reading packet for October.  I have been using it with my small groups this past month, and I LOVE it!  My planning for small groups has never been easier.
I am just as excited about my November packet that I was able to finish this weekend.
Each monthly packet includes 4 nonfiction stories (at 3 different levels) and 4 fiction stories (at 3 different levels.) 
Prior to passing out the passage, we use the provided picture prompts to introduce the story topic.
I also introduce the new vocabulary words that we will see in our passages.  This definitely helps to set the stage for learning and get my students excited to read.
Depending on the amount of time that we have to meet for the day, we may just do our prereading activities and read through the passage a couple of times on the first day.  The second time we meet, we will read the passage again, and the students will answer the comprehension questions.  Each passage set includes a “comprehension focus skill” and a graphic organizer for that particular skill.
The three levels of passages make it so easy to differentiate my small groups.
The level 1 passages include 3-4 new vocabulary words per story, whereas the level 2 & 3 includes up to 6 new words.

 Each level focuses on the same “comprehension skill.”
You can check out the entire packet by clicking on the picture below.
You can save money by purchasing the growing bundle for the ENTIRE year.  As of right now, it only includes October and November, but the other months will be added as they are completed.  If you have already purchased the bundle, you may go and redownload your purchase to receive November’s packet.

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