We Are Going Batty!

Things have been batty in 1st grade.  We have been busy, busy, busy reading tons of fiction and nonfiction books about bats.  It’s always fun learning more about bats and sorting through the myths and facts.  We created this anchor chart on Monday.
We thought of things that we knew about bats first. Then after reading a nonfiction book, we added our new learning.
The students also filled out their own charts for things that they “wondered” about bats.
The sheet above will be included in my upcoming packet “Nonfiction in October.”
Yesterday and today we worked on writing about bats and creating our own bats.

We’ve also been reading a lot of fiction bat books and using my new Fun with Fiction {Bats} packet.
Reading fiction and nonfiction books about bats has really allowed my students to distinguish between the two.
We will continue learning about bats all week.  I’m hoping to have my latest packet finished soon, which includes tons of resources for teaching about bats, spiders, fire safety, owls, and pumpkins. 

How can you not just LOVE October?

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  1. So i just finished planning my whole week of bats.. and then I see your post! boo! Either I miss out on good stuff… or I need to re-plan my week! ha!

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