Comprehension Notebooks

When students begin reading, they focus mainly on the words and illustrations. Therefore, they really don’t know anything about seeing how the characters grow and change throughout the story. Likewise, they don’t understand how there are different literary skills to focus on, such as compare and contrast. Honestly, learning to read is so exciting, but it is also challenging! Thankfully, the Comprehension Notebooks allow students to be supported and guided in their reading journey! 

Comprehension Notebooks 

These Comprehension Notebooks provide students with rigorous and focused daily practice. This means that students will be supported and challenged while they grow as readers. Additionally, questions and tasks are precise to help students learn specific skills without feeling overwhelmed. 

Each passage contains a topic students will love to read about! They include kid-friendly words to ensure students do not become frustrated while learning to read. Instead, they will love the passages and look forward to reading each day. 

comprehension notebooks

5-Day Plan with Comprehension Notebooks

The comprehension notebook passages include a 5-day plan. This allows students to read the passage and focus on one specific skill. For instance, this may be working on the main idea and supporting details one day and vocabulary focus the next. Similarly, they may be working on cause and effect and progressing to sequencing.

While there is a 5-day plan, students can complete more than one day in a single setting. Since each teacher knows their students best, it will be an individual decision over how much to complete each day. 

Year Long Practice 

Students benefit so much from a routine! For some of our youngest students, this is the best way for them to work on skill development. Otherwise, they spend more time figuring out the directions. Therefore, the comprehension notebooks include 30 weeks of practice! Students will love seeing their growth throughout the year! 

Implementation of Comprehension Notebooks

While everything is ready to go in the comprehension notebooks, teachers pick how they implement the passages. Students can work on the passages in a whole group if most students are on the same level. Or, students can work in small groups if there are different reading levels and use the variety of grade-level comprehension notebooks to differentiate. The passages are also perfect for reading intervention, homework, and morning work! Differentiation is a breeze with the comprehension notebooks! 

Paper or Digital 

While some students work mainly on paper, others learn on computers. Luckily, the comprehension notebooks include both versions! So, teachers can print-and-go or load right to Google Slides. 

Students learn so much over one year. Honestly, the growth can be shocking to reflect on! While they enter the classroom knowing some letters and numbers, they leave reading books and writing sentences. Thankfully, the Comprehension Notebooks support students through their learning process. While reading and writing are challenging, students will look forward to these stories and activities each day. 

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