Easy Phonics Practice and Assessments

Teachers have to focus on so many standards each year. Honestly, the amount of content to teach can be overwhelming when realizing this is how much students have to learn. Thankfully, teachers consider the importance of each standard when planning lessons. Ultimately, this means students receive more instruction and practice on skills they will use throughout their lives. Phonics is absolutely one of these skills! Luckily, there are easy phonics practices and assessments to ensure students have the foundation to be strong readers and writers! 


Making Words Activities 

Phonics is imperative for students to focus on. However, it can be complicated to remember all of the sounds, letter combinations, and blends! Luckily, this activity is such a fun way to practice phonics. Students will even apply specific skills they are working on in the classroom to ensure they genuinely learn the material. 

Teachers will pass out the letters and have students cut them apart. Then, everyone will review the sounds for each letter. Teachers can even instruct students to hold up letters based on a specific sound. When everyone is ready, teachers say the first word for students to form using their letters. After reviewing the first word, teachers progress through the list while having students change one letter at a time. Students will love making so many new words! 

Phonics Focus 

There are making word activities for 27 phonics skills! For instance, there are activities for beginning blends, soft c/g, and au/aw. Each skill includes a word list and the letters needed to make the words. 


Students will love this activity! Teachers just need to print and pass out the letters. Best of all, it works great for a whole class setting or in small groups. 

1st Grade Phonics Assessments 

No teacher loves to spend valuable class time administering assessments. However, they are a vital piece of education! They do provide great insight into what students know and what they are struggling with. Thankfully, these are the perfect phonics assessments without taking too much time to administer! 

Phonics Assessments

Specifically, there are 27 multiple-choice phonics assessments. This includes everything from short a, e, i, o, and u to oo

If students become overwhelmed, they will not be able to show what they truly know. Luckily, this won’t be the case with phonics assessments. Each page has approximately 10 questions. This includes a picture and then three options based on the phonics skill. Students will color in the bubble of the correct option to match the picture and phonics skill. Truthfully, these quick assessments will be a great way to show the level of understanding of each student. 

Students will read and write throughout their entire lives. Therefore, they must have a strong foundation in phonics. Honestly, this is a crucial building block of being readers and writers! With this easy phonics practice and assessment activities, students will be confident and ready to learn more! 

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