I love teaching my students about bats.  I think they are such  interesting animals.  It’s so much fun to discuss the truths and myths about bats.  Many of my students start off the week being scared of bats and by the end, they love them and know how important bats are to our ecosystem.  Even my 4 year old always says that bats are her friends because they eat bugs 😉
Today, we started off by making a list of things that we wonder about bats.
Then I drew a quick chart on the board saying “Is a bat a bird?”  I passed out a small Post-It to each student and had them write either “yes” or “no.”  Then they went up and placed their answer on the board.

{I thought I took a picture of this chart, but I guess not.}  More of my students thought that “Yes” bats were birds.  I think it was 13 – 7, so they were very surprised to find out the real answer.  We discussed the reasons why bats are not birds.
Next, we read this book.
It’s very informative with great pictures.  Finally, we returned to our seats to discuss some of the things that we have already learned about bats.
If you would like a sheet for your students to fill out while you complete the group chart, click below.
Here are some more books that we will be reading this week.
Stop back by this week and check out some of the other activities we will doing about bats.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am doing bats next week…….did you know there is a DVD of Stellaluna? I just learned this year before last and it is wonderful! I always share it with my kiddos after I read the book and at the end of our unit. Just sharing!


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