More Weather Ideas

We are finishing up our weather unit this week.  This week we are learning about clouds, types of precipitation, and rainbows.  So much fun!
First, we read The Cloud Book by Tomie dePaola.
After discussing the major types of clouds, we made these charts.

You can download the cloud descriptions by clicking on the picture below.
Last year I had posted these pictures of the water cycle headbands we made.  The kids LOVE them and they are a lot of fun.  You can just click on the picture to see the post from last year.
You will also find this project.
Here is another post I did last year discussing Precipitation.
We will also be doing these fun projects from Made in 1st Grade to teach about the rainbow.  Click on the picture to go to their blog.
I also have my Weather Fluency week available on TpT and Teacher’s Notebook
It is part of my May Fluency Packet or can be purchased seperately.
Only 3 more days until Spring Break!  I’m home today with a sick child.  Poor thing, but I’m taking advantage trying to catch up with some school work and laundry.  I keep hoping the cleaning fairies will come to my house, but have had no such luck 🙁 

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