Teddy Bear Day

This Thursday, we had Teddy Bear Day in our classroom.  This is my second year doing this and I have loved it both times.  I always get a little nervous wondering if some of my “tough” boys will think it’s silly and not get into it, but I’ve been wrong both years.  Every one of my students loved it.  I told the parents about Teddy Bear Day in my weekly newsletter and then I also sent home a reminder on Wednesday, but I also made sure that I brought some extras to school on Thursday just in case.  Here are some Teddy Bear Activities we completed:
-We thought of describing words about our bears.  I briefly told them that these were called adjectives, but we didn’t go into that too much.  We will be learning about adjectives later in the year.
-We predicted how many gummy bears were in a jar and filled out this paper.  {Click on the picture to download.}
-We also made graphs using teddy bear cut-outs.  I just cut out a ton of teddy bears using our Elison and passed out a handfull to each student.
-We compared real bears with our teddy bears.
-We read tons of bear themed books while discussing some great vocabulary words. (I went through each book before reading it and wrote down about 4 vocabulary words on index cards.  Then, I introduced these words to the students prior to reading the book.)  We kept track of them here. {Click on the picture to download.}
-We also completed some anchor charts while reading some of our bear books.
-Then we voted for our favorite book.
I had each of the students leave their bears on their desk when they left for the day.  Overnight, the bears moved.
When the students came in Friday morning, they had to find their bears and write about where they found their bears and why they moved.
The students had a great time and it was a lot of fun to break away from our “normal” routine, while still learning.

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  1. @Christina,
    I had about 5 that didn't have a bear on Thursday, but I had one for them. They were so excited that they were able to borrow mine. Then on Friday, 4 of the 5 remembered to bring one of their own from home 🙂

  2. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas…My firsties are currently enjoying "OctoBEAR" Days. Their bears are attending night class tonight. I wonder what they'll get into tonight? :o)

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