Must Have Monday

I’m linking up with Freebielicious today for Must Have Monday to discuss some of my must have’s that I need for my school year.
During the summer, I begin my “back to school orders.”  Somehow I convince myself that if I spread the orders out, instead of just doing one big order, that I’m not quite spending as much money. Ha!  Those little bills don’t look as bad as one big bill.
1. I have been ordering these brochures from Vistaprint for the past couple of years, and I still LOVE them.
I am always pleased with the quality of the brochures.  I pass them out at our Back to School Night.
2.  I always order these cardboard magazine boxes from IKEA.
I use these for Read to Self boxes.  I have seen teachers posting some nice, plastic ones from Walmart that I may need to check out though.
3.  Mr. Sketch Markers are my absolute favorite markers for anchor charts.
4.  I LOVE these resource folders from Really Good Stuff.
I use these to hold their homework in their LION books (parent-teacher-student communication books), so my students have a resource folder that travels with them.
With a baby that is STILL not sleeping through the night, I’m thinking more than one cup may be needed at the start of the school year.
What are your back to school must haves?
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  1. I love IKEA magazine boxes. My Read to Self couldn't survive without them and you can't beat the price!! I just started drinking coffee about 3 years ago. I was a huge Diet Coke drinker for my morning, but now I am a big coffee fan!! Drinking it as I type! Happy Monday!!


  2. I saw a post on pinterest about taking those IKEA magazine boxes and making a construction paper holder out of them. I've been wanted to try that since my current construction paper holder (or whatever they may be technically called) is on it's last leg!

    Creating & Teaching

  3. I purchase bright blue plastic zip pouches from Walmart each school year. Theses become my communication folders between the parents and myself. Students know they’re not to open the folder. This allows the parents to send in money or notes. It also allows me to surprise the students with praise even if their parent works too late for me to call.

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