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Procedures for the 1st Week of School

Dare I say it…it is almost time to head back to school.  We have three more weeks before we go back.  I cannot believe how fast the summer has gone.  I swear it was just May last week!
No matter how long I teach, I still get nervous before school starts.  I have those “teacher nightmares” where I dream that I forget to set up my classroom, or I have a class that won’t listen to anything I have to say.  Does this happen to you?  In order to take some of the pressure off, I like to print off this list of Must Teach Procedures for the First Week of School.  It just gives me a reference of things that I need to make sure that I teach and go over during the first couple of days.
This list of Must Teach Procedures for the First Week of School is a must have for every elementary teacher.
As we know, the first week of school is ALL ABOUT procedures!!  Taking the time at the beginning of the year to teach the procedures for how your classroom will run, will save you SO much time later on.  Your students need to know the procedures and expectations for everything.  There have been years where I have made the mistake of thinking that they knew what to do in certain situations, but I quickly learned the importance of going over every little thing.  I like to keep this checklist handy during the first couple weeks of school to make sure that I don’t miss anything.
I love having the quick checklist to check off when I have taught that particular procedure.  I probably won’t check it off of the list until we have gone over it for a couple of days, and I am confident that my students know it.
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This list of Must-Teach Procedures for the first week of school is the perfect checklist to keep at your desk during the first couple days of school. A must have for all elementary teachers.

Want to make your first week back to school even easier?  Check out my First Week of First Grade packet.  This includes EVERYTHING you would need for a successful first week of school.
Everything you need for the First Week of First Grade.
 What are teachers saying about this?
“There.are.no.words. Really…this is a wonderful resource tailor made for first grade teachers. This is so going to help me train my firsties in procedures. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and work! :)” -Susan
“One of my top 3 favorite TPT purchases ever! You thought of everything and I absolutely love how effortless this made my first week of lesson plans with my new first grade!”
“This was an absolute time-saver! So happy with this purchase. After being at home with my daughter for 3 years, coming back into the classroom was a little bit of a challenge as I needed some reminders here and there and this set was so awesome. Thank you!!!!”

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  1. Thank you so much! I will be coming back to Grade 1 after a stint in grade 5/6 and 3; I am so glad you have such great resources available like this one to help me focus on what I can do with the students!

  2. I love the checklist for teaching procedures! We all know how crazy the beginning of the year can be! Many forms to collect, school wide procedures, and interruptions from the office. With the checklist it will be easy to keep track of taught/not taught!

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