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November Games

Isn’t it crazy that we are at the end of October? The month has gone by so fast! Honestly, the rest of the year will, too, with the upcoming holidays. However, thinking about how much learning still needs to occur before students head home for winter break is stressful. Thankfully, the Math & Literacy Games for November are ready to ensure students have a solid review on essential topics! November games will be a student-favorite activity in the classroom!  

November Games

Math & Literacy Games for November 

Students love to play games! So, incorporating them into as many lessons and review activities as possible is always a fantastic way to help them focus. 

Specifically, there are 10 games to help students review standards while having fun. There are 5 language arts games, including digraphs, plurals, and verbs. Additionally, students will review nouns and punctuation. There are also 5 math games focusing on time, addition, money, rolling to 100, and shapes. The games even have fun November themes, such as turkeys and pumpkin pie. 

There is even a BINGO game and football-theme scoot for the whole class to play together. Everyone will have so much fun that they forget how much learning is occurring! 

Students will love reviewing content while playing November games! 

November games for math and literacy


Students love to socialize! So, if they do not have something to keep them engaged, many will spend more time talking to friends. Luckily, the November games build socialization with learning! Students will play all 10 games with a partner. So, they can review material while playing with a friend. 

Easy Preparation 

One of the hardest parts of student-favorite activities involves the time they take to prep. Thankfully, that won’t be the case with November games! They are all no prep! Teachers just need to print. Every game comes in a black-and-white version, while some also have a colored version to print and laminate. 

Interactive Fact Folder for November 

Interactive fact folders are such a fun activity to integrate reading with science and social studies in any classroom! They allow students to focus on essential academic skills while learning about seasonal elements. So, there are fact folders designed for the entire year. This set includes Veterans Day, turkeys, and the Mayflower. 

Students will learn about each topic by reading the included comprehension passages and working on vocabulary. Additionally, they will work on graphic organizers, coloring, and their writing skills. 

Since teachers are busy, this hands-on project keeps that in mind while making prep instructions and materials easy. Everything is ready to print; students just need a 12 x 18 piece of paper or file folder. 

Interactive Math Fact Folders

November is such a festive month of the year. So, students will love channeling this excitement into their learning! The November games and activities will be the perfect way to keep them engaged when their minds are on the big parade and delicious food!

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