Long Vowel Word Work

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Fall Break?!  Unfortunately, the weather has been rainy and cold and I have only left the house once so far…but I have been able to accomplish a lot at home.
First up, I finished up my Long Vowel Word Work packets.
With my Short Vowel packets, I posted them as I finished them because we were in the midst of teaching short vowels at school and then I bundled them at the end.  This time around, since we aren’t ready for long vowels yet, I finished them all and posted them at the same time as the bundle! 
These are very similar to my Short Vowel Word Work packets, which is great for easy planning each week!  My students know EXACTLY what to do and we barely even have to review the directions.  I use many parts of these every single week for independent work stations while I meet with small groups!
My Long a, Long i, and Long o packets are larger because they include a section dedicated to silent e as well as the vowel teams that make the long sound as well.
So, my Long A Word Work packet includes a full section of activities for a_e that I will use for our week that I introduce that phonics skills.  Then it includes another section that introduces ai & ay, which I will be using during a different week.
The Long i packet includes i_e as well as ie, igh, and -y and the Long o packet includes o_e, oa, and ow.
The Long e and Long u packets only contain the one section because the vowel patterns are introduced together.  E includes ee, ea, ey, and -y and U includes u_e, ew, ue, and ui.
You can find each individual packet by clicking on the picture below.




Or, you can save money and purchase the ENTIRE bundle.

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