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Phonics Activity Book

Teachers know that phonics instruction is essential for teaching students how to read. Therefore, they spend hours developing creative lessons and activities to make phonics lessons exciting. The goal is to ensure students are engaged and focused while working towards mastery of the content. Thankfully, there are resources ready to help teachers! Instead of spending hours creating new resources, the Phonics Activity Book contains many incredible activities. Students will show so much growth in their phonics skills with this fantastic activity book. 

phonics activity book

Phonics Importance 

As students learn different phonics skills, they know how each letter has a specific sound. This leads to understanding how some sounds change based on the order of letters. As time continues, they learn to segment words to help decode them. Then, as the phonics skills build, students become more confident with each word they read. Amazingly, this helps students develop confidence, pride, and a love of reading!

Phonics Activity Book 

This activity book includes engaging activities for 30 phonics skills. For instance, students will work on short vowels, blends and digraphs, long vowels, r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, and the schwa sound. Students will love focusing on one skill at a time.

For each skill, students will complete various activities to keep the pages fun and exciting. For instance, they will trace and write words. Or, they will use a code to write each word. Students can then put the sounds together to read the words. Furthermore, students will roll a dice and then write select words. Honestly, each page has so many exciting activities! 

phonics activity book

Phonics Activity book Implementation 

All classrooms have students with different needs. Luckily, that is not a problem with the Phonics Activity Book! The easy-to-prep pages are perfect for instruction in various ways. For instance, teachers can use them with whole group instruction. Likewise, they work great with small group instruction. They are even the perfect activity for morning work. Furthermore, they can go home for homework. No matter how teachers use them, students will be thankful to work on their phonics skills.


Every teacher has different preferences when it comes to handing out papers. There is nothing wrong with that! Thus, teachers have multiple options for implementing the Phonics Activity Book. Teachers can print the entire booklet to place in a binder or folder for each student. Or, teachers can just print the pages needed for the specific focus skill at the time. Either way, both options are easy-prep! Teachers just need to print. 

Phonics instruction is essential to helping students become successful readers and writers. Honestly, these skills are imperative to students being confident learners as they continue their education. Thankfully, the Phonics Activity Book is here to ensure students focus on these crucial skills while loving every minute in the classroom. 

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