‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater

Night before Christmas

While there are not many weeks of school between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the days can take forever! Honestly, these can be some of the most challenging weeks of the year to get through. While students do not mean to be super energetic, their excitement over the holidays is at an all-time high. Therefore, teachers need interactive lessons to keep students focused on learning. Additionally, they need activities that help manage behaviors to avoid issues before the break. Luckily, ‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater is here to ensure students have a magical time! 

What is Reader’s Theater?

In reader’s theater, students “perform” by reading a story turned into a script. However, the performance does not necessarily require any costumes or props. Instead, students focus on fluency and oral reading. 

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater

During the days before break, students often need activities that allow them to be moving around and talking to classmates. Thankfully, this activity combines both aspects with academics. It includes a 3-page script perfect for a 1st or 2nd-grade classroom. Best of all, every student will each have a role in the script to foster a classroom community. During the story, students will share all the funny aspects that occur as they anxiously await the final dismissal before break. 

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater


One of the most exciting parts of the reader’s theater is how teachers can edit parts of the script to include student names. Furthermore, teachers can even add the name of the school district. Students will love seeing their names in the script while knowing they have a special line.

Supporting all Class Sizes

One of the hardest parts when picking reader’s theater scripts involves the number of people needed. Thankfully, this will not be a problem with the ‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break readers theater! There are different script options for 20, 22, and 25 students. If needed, teachers can also combine lines if there are fewer students in the classroom. Or, interested students can have more than one line. Honestly, there are multiple options to ensure every classroom can enjoy the giggles and smiles this script creates! You might also like this Christmas resource.

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater

Spreading the Magic of the Performance with ‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater 

One of the best parts of the ‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break readers theater is how others can enjoy the performance! For instance, parents can come in the week before winter break and watch their children perform. Additionally, students can visit other classrooms and put on a short show. Students will love performing this humorous script for an audience! 

While the days before Christmas are magical, they are also stressful! However, teachers know students do not mean to get loud and energetic. It is hard to focus knowing Santa is days away from coming! Luckily, the ‘Twas the Day Before Christmas Break Readers Theater ensures students have a fun, interactive activity! Everyone will love the funny script and the opportunity to put a show on for viewers!

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