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Phonics Newsletter

Parent communication is absolutely essential in the classroom. Teachers need parent support. They need to have a positive relationship and be able to have open communication with each other. However, parent communication can be challenging! There are so many aspects to handle daily to educate and support students. By the end of the day, teachers are exhausted and still need to prep the class for the next day. Thankfully, the Phonics Newsletter creates the perfect way to quickly and easily communicate with parents! 

phonics newsletter

Beyond Simple Communication 

Many times, parents want to help their children while at home. However, they just don’t know where to begin. Since parents are just as busy as teachers, they don’t have much time to plan short activities to do at home. This is precisely why these Phonics Newsletters will be a game-changer. They provide more than simple communication over the phonics skills that the students are learning in the classroom. Importantly, this resource lets parents know what is going on in the classroom and how they can provide support. Parents will appreciate knowing exactly how they can help their child work on academics while at home. 

Phonics Newsletters 

This resource creates a fantastic way to communicate with parents about what their child is learning at school! There are 33 phonics newsletters to focus on a range of phonics skills, such as short a and oi/oy. 

Each informational newsletter explains the phonics skills students are working on. Then, a short practice section allows parents to see how their child is doing. This involves the child reading and spelling certain words based on phonics skills. Thankfully, the explanation provides tips for parents that allow them to help if their child struggles. Additionally, there is a follow-up section to either extend the learning or review the learning to include differentiation. This is a great way to ensure students work on the skill without becoming bored or overwhelmed. 

Phonics Newsletter Implementation 

Personally, I love to use the phonics newsletters as an alternative to homework. They provide so much review on each phonics skill. 

Before sending a newsletter home, we learn the skill in the classroom. Students can tell their parents what they are working on as they walk through the newsletter. Then, the parents can decide if they should complete the extended learning or review the learning section. Honestly, this newsletter is an incredible way to strengthen the parent-to-school connection. 

phonics newsletter

Grade Band 

Phonics skills are essential all through elementary school. This particular resource focuses on 1st-grade skills. However, it could also work with 2nd-grade students at a lower level.

These Phonics Newsletters create an incredible way for parents to know what their child is currently working on. Additionally, they ensure parents can provide academic support without taking time away from busy schedules. Honestly, students will be excited to show parents what they are learning, while parents will be thankful they can help. 

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