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Phonics Activities

Learning to read is such a complex skill. Thus, teachers break down the process into stages. It often begins with learning individual letters and the sound each makes. Then, it progresses to stretching through these sounds to read words. As time continues, these skills come together, and students start to read beautifully! However, it can be daunting for a teacher to plan phonics activities since there is so much to cover! Luckily, the activities below are engaging ways to keep students focused while on the journey to becoming fluent readers. 

phonics activities

Phonics Activity Book 

When selecting phonics activities, engagement is critical! The more engaged students are, the more material they will learn. Thus, this activity book consists of 30 phonics skills for students to work on in enjoyable formats. This includes everything from short a to the schwa sound. Honestly, there are so many skills included to help students become successful readers. 

Since teachers are so busy, everything is ready in this fantastic resource. Teachers just need to print and decide how they want to hand out the worksheets. For instance, will it be for the whole group or small group instruction? Will students complete the activities during morning work or as independent phonics practice? Or, will it go home as homework? Teachers can even decide how they want to hand out the worksheets. For instance, will they print the entire booklet at once to put into a binder or folder for each student or print as needed? Overall, there are options to ensure teachers can implement how they want while having the activities ready to go!

Fun Phonics Worksheets

Honestly, these sheets are such a fun way to complete phonics activities! There are 26 skills included to ensure students gain confidence in their reading skills. This includes everything from short I to diphthongs. 

phonics activities

All of these worksheets follow a consistent format. Thus, students will know what to do after completing a few. This means they are perfect for a weekly review activity or to use as morning work. Teachers can check take-home folders and focus on small group instruction while students stay engaged with this activity. Additionally, they work great in a whole or small group reading lesson. For instance, they are the perfect activity to open up a lesson and prepare students’ minds for learning! The options help ensure this phonics activity works well in any classroom. 

First Grade Phonics REVIEW

As the year progresses, students will work on so many phonics skills. Honestly, students must remember all of the skills while they are building their phonics knowledge. Luckily, these 26 phonics worksheets are full of fun phonics activities to provide the perfect review. Whether using them for review, homework, morning work, small groups, or whole group, students will be thankful for this practice! 

phonics activities

Learning to be a successful reader can be stressful for many students. Even when they work extra hard, there are many aspects to remember. Thus, these phonics activities ensure that students learn and review skills throughout the year. Truly, it will feel amazing to sit back and listen to your students read with confidence after this practice!

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