Phonics-Based Spelling Assessments

Do your students seem to struggle more and more with spelling each year? A large part of this may be due to how much technology society relies on. Instead of needing to know spelling structures, people just pick up a phone. Often, only a few letters are typed before the phone auto-completes the word. Also, the traditional way of memorizing unrelated spelling words each week does NOT work. As soon as students need to use these words in their writing, they completely forget how to spell them. We want our students to be confident at spelling. Luckily, the Phonics-Based Spelling Assessments are here to help! These assessments will ensure students have a strong phonics foundation to apply to all words! 

phonics-based spelling assessments

Moving Past Traditional Spelling Tests 

Do you remember receiving a list of 20 or so words each week that you needed to memorize? Then, you took a spelling test on Friday and received a new list the following week. While many aspects of education have changed, many schools still assess spelling this way. However, this method does NOT work! Students are just memorizing spelling words. They will often have no idea how to spell those words by the following week. This is because they are not genuinely learning how to spell! Likewise, they are not learning strategies they can apply to spell other words. Thankfully, the Phonics-Based Spelling Assessments ensure students become strong spellers!

Phonics-Based Spelling Assessments 

These lists are an incredible way for students to apply their phonics knowledge. Honestly, this allows them to move past memorization and apply their phonics knowledge. Best of all, they can apply these skills to ANY words versus just set lists. 

There are 30 phonics spelling lists to assess various skills. This includes everything from short I to final blends. Each skill consists of a word list and 2 assessments that are great to use as a pre and post-assessment. There is even a recording sheet for students to write their answers. Each word list also includes dictation sentences. This is an excellent way for students to combine phonics skills and sentence writing. Furthermore, they can show their capitalization and punctuation knowledge. 

spelling list

Teacher Insight 

One of the best parts of the Phonics-Based Spelling Assessments is its insight into how well students know each skill. Teachers will see how well each student can apply their phonics skills and who needs additional help. Likewise, the assessments will show if specific skills are more challenging for the whole class. 

Implementation of phonics-based spelling assessments

There are multiple ways you could use these assessments. Personally, I like to send the word list home at the beginning of the week. I explain to parents that the word list is simply a list of examples that follow the phonics skill. I stress the importance of not just memorizing these words. The focus is on students understanding how to apply the phonics skill. 

phonics-based spelling assessments

In the classroom, I introduce phonics skills. Then, I give the pre-test early in the week. I use these results to guide instruction and determine who may need additional help. Students take the second test at the end of the week as a final assessment. Sometimes, the dictation sentences are bonus points. Other times, they are part of the actual assessment. They even work great as differentiation for higher students. Students will love showing their growth and skills with this resource! 

Teachers want students to be strong spellers. Honestly, this is a skill they will need throughout their entire lives.  Thankfully, the Phonics-Based Spelling Assessments ensure that students learn to apply phonics skills. Ultimately, students will no longer worry about memorization as they see how useful phonics skills are! 

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