Sparkly E

I found the idea for a “magic e” last year on Mrs. Wheeler’s blog. When I saw this wand, I knew I had to make one.  When I searched through my cabinet for a cut out letter, I found a sparkly one and taped it to a ruler.  I decided to call my E, “sparkly E” and I love it!
I tell the students that when Sparkly E shows up, the vowel in the word is SO excited because the E is just so beautiful and shiny that the vowel just has to introduce itself.  “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you.  My name is A.”  I make a huge deal about this and really elaborate the story.  The kids really get into it.
We practice using the Sparkly E as a whole group.

Next, we made our own Sparkly E’s so we could practice changing CVC words to CVCe words on our dry erase boards.
This is just a 3×5 index card cut in half and glued on a popsicle stick.
We also had fun learning this song that I made up about Sparkly E.
Click on the picture to download

If this is something you think you’d use in your classroom, leave me some love with a comment 🙂

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  1. So, so cute! And I have a new book recommendation for you – it's by Tom Lichtenheld and it's called E-mergency. You HAVE to see the book trailer on You Tube; the letter E falls down the stairs and the other letters have to do without him for awhile. Sounds perfect for this lesson!!


  2. Perfect timing! We started "sneaky e" this week and this is a wonderful way to reinforce the idea. They were having some problems grasping the sneaky e but I bet the totally get sparkly e!

  3. So glad this showed up on the bottom as a "you might also like!" This post was before I was introduced to your magical world! (I call it that because I love it here so much – it's a happy place that makes me remember why I love teaching and restarts my creativity that education hasn't thrown a cold wet blanket on!). I LOVE THIS! I am going to make a sparkly e wand this weekend, make a poster for the song and you can bet we will be making sparkly e's on Wednesday in class!!!! Love it!

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