Virtual Halloween Party

Are you looking for a FUN way to celebrate Halloween in or out of the classroom this year? This Digital Halloween Party is the perfect way to add a little fun into your day! This is also great to use during a Google Meet or Zoom while distance learning, or as a whole class during in-person instruction in the classroom. Students will LOVE participating in these 8 different activities.

I absolutely love everything about fall, and Halloween is no exception. But since there are so many different holidays during this season, it can be hard to find the time to prep fun activities for each one of them. That’s why I love using easy, no-prep resources with my first graders — like this Digital Halloween Party!

What is a Virtual Halloween Party?

If you’ve never hosted a digital party with your class, I think you’re going to love it! Essentially, a digital party resource lets you click through different activities while students complete them. Not only do the activities keep the kids super entertained, but they also activate their imaginations and help them warm up. Think of it as something that the kids will love, but that you will feel good about, thanks to the educational value!

What does the Virtual Halloween Party resource include?

This download includes a Digital Halloween Party in a PowerPoint version as well as a link to use in Google Slides. I have included two cover slides (Halloween Party and Fall Party). You can delete the one that you do not want.

Students will participate in the following activities:

  • Jokes
  • Mystery Picture
  • This or That
  • Unscramble the Word
  • Talk About It
  • Brain Break Dance
  • What’s Your Spooky Name?
  • Spider Says

What age group is this Digital Halloween Party geared towards?

The activities in this download are geared towards primary students in grades K-2. I’ve found that they’re perfect to use in my first grade classroom, but I can see them doing great with kindergarten and second grade classes too! If you’re teaching a class that doesn’t fall within this age group but think it could be a match, be sure to check out the product preview to get a feel for what’s included. That way, you can decide if it will work well for your class or not!

How can I use the Virtual Halloween Party in my classroom?

This works well virtually during distance learning or as a whole group during in-person instruction. If using this during distance learning during a Google Meet or Zoom call, share your screen with your students. If you are in-person, this works well by projecting the presentation and completing it in class. Even in-person, I love using digital resources because they save me from printing and passing out a ton of handouts. Plus, we can all work on the same activity at the same time. It’s a great way to bring the whole class together!

If you’re holding a Halloween party inside or out of class, I would definitely add this Virtual Halloween Party resource to your lineup. It makes a great addition to other spooky activities, but it also works great on its own. You can pick and choose how you’d like to structure your Halloween lesson plan!


If you’re looking for a fun idea for Halloween, look no further than this Virtual Halloween Party. Students get to go through activities like Jokes, Spider Says, and Brain Break Dance, all with a fun Halloween theme! This digital resource is perfect for in-class and distance learning, so every teacher can incorporate it into their lesson plan with ease. Plus, it requires no prep on your part — simply pull up the resource in class, share your screen, and begin!

What activities do you like to use with your class during the Halloween season? I’d love to hear about them!

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