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The end of September is always the time for apples.  Apples lend themselves to so many great activities in the classroom.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstThe students favorite day is when we have our apple taste test.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstI bring in red, green, and yellow apples, and my apple slicer.  (This is such a time saver!)  I pass out a slice of each kind of apple to the students.  I tell them that we are going to use our five senses to write adjectives about our apples.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstFirst, we use our sense of sight and our sense of smell.  The students have to tell me adjectives to describe the apples and we record them on our sheets.  Then, they can use their sense of touch and taste.  We try one apple at a time and really think about words that describe each type of apple.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstAfterwards, the students decide which apple they liked the best.  Then, they write about it.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstAnother activity we complete is learning about the apple life cycle.  The students complete this activity from my Apple Unit.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstApple Activities from Fun in First

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I love reading fiction and nonfiction books about apples.  Some of my favorite nonfiction books are Apples for Everyone, The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, A Day at the Apple Orchard, and then we always throw in Johnny Appleseed as well.  I also use my Nonfiction in September and my September Guided Reading apple sections to enhance our learning.

We also complete booklets, word searches, and other activities from my Apple packet.

Apple Activities from Fun in FirstIt’s always a fun week learning about apples.

If you’d like to check out any of the packets discussed above, click on any of the links below.

September Guided Reading

Nonfiction in September

Apple Unit

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