Veterans Day

Students of all ages need to understand why we celebrate holidays and special events. While they often want to focus on holidays that result in candy or presents, it is crucial to gain an understanding of days they are less familiar with. This is the case with Veterans Day! While some students will know about Veterans Day due to family at home, many will not know what this day means. Luckily, the Veterans Day Booklet and Interactive Fact Folder for Veterans Day provide incredible insight! Students will be extra grateful for the stars and stripes after these activities. 

veterans day

When is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a federal holiday. It is a time to honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Specifically, people celebrate yearly on November 11th.

Veterans Day Booklet

This 6-page booklet is one that students will love to work on while learning about Veterans Day! The booklet includes a word search, a secret code sheet, a fill-in-the-blank page, and 2 coloring sheets. Students will have so much fun while learning about the importance of celebrating and respecting Veterans Day! After working on this booklet, it will be amazing to hear students talk about the meaning behind the military uniform. 

veterans day

Interactive Fact Folder for Veterans Day 

Students often learn information best when they have hands-on activities. Therefore, this interactive folder creates a way for students to create something to learn about such an important day. Specifically, students will work on a graphic organizer, and a worksheet to color the flag, and learn new vocabulary words. There are even 4 Veterans Day fact sheets and 2 graphic organizers to build comprehension and reading skills. This provides a great way to reflect on such an important day. Since writing is essential, there are 2 options for students. 

veterans day

Students will need a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper or file folder to glue on the interactive pieces. This is something they always love to do! Parents and guardians will love looking at this keepsake activity when it goes home. 

American Symbols 

November is the perfect time to teach students about symbolism. For instance, the American flag is one of the most symbolic pieces of our history. Therefore, students must understand that the stars, stripes, and colors mean something deeper. Since symbolism is tough to understand, this packet has short reading passages to teach students about different symbols. For instance, this includes the White House, the Statue of Liberty, and bald eagles. Students will love learning about symbolism with these passages!

veterans day

Veterans Day is such an important day for students to learn about. Since members of the United States Armed Forces risk their lives to protect our freedom, they deserve all of our respect. Thankfully, the  Veterans Day Booklet and Interactive Fact Folder for Veterans Day present the day in a student-friendly way. This is a great way to ensure students truly understand why it is essential to honor and respect military personnel. 

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