Daily Word Fluency Cards

Learning to read fluently is really hard! Students have to apply many skills, such as decoding and phonemic awareness, as they read each line. On top of this, they have to work on understanding what the words mean. While some students love the reading journey, others find it stressful and overwhelming. However, there is so much joy within each book! So, teachers work hard to ensure all levels of readers have plenty of practice. Luckily, the Daily Word Fluency Cards help every reader show growth and gain confidence! 

Daily Word Fluency Cards

Daily Word Fluency Cards

Students often need lots of practice when learning to ride a bike without training wheels. Many even need bandages as they fall off while practicing. This process is very similar to reading. Students need lots of practice, guidance, and activities to help them read fluently. Along the way, they will even need extra support, encouragement, and helpful tips. Luckily, these fluency cards provide everything students need! 

Specifically, there are 180 cards featuring a systematic introduction and review of phonics skills. Students will become more confident and proficient readers as they work through them! 

Card Format 

When students are working on phonics, they need a systematic order. This is important since skills build on each other. So, the cards are in a 5-day cycle. This includes words from the new phonics skill, including nonsense words for short vowels, blends, and digraphs. Additionally, there are words following the same skill and previously learned words for consistent review. Additionally, students will apply their learning by reading one and two sentences. These cards do a fantastic job of helping students build and reinforce their knowledge.

Reading Practice

Daily Word Fluency Cards Skills 

The Daily Word Fluency Cards include so many skills! For instance, students will practice short vowels, beginning blends, ending blends, and digraphs. Additionally, students will practice -nk/-ng, soft c/g, and three letter blends. There are even cards for r-controlled vowels, long vowel teams, silent letters, and much more! 

Fluency Cards Implementation 

There are many ways to implement the Daily Word Fluency Cards! For instance, they are perfect for a daily warm-up exercise or partner practice. Teachers can also use them as a review activity in a small group or whole group setting. They can even go home for at-home practice! 

Daily Word Fluency Cards

Grade Levels 

The Daily Word Fluency Cards are ideal for 1st-grade students. However, they also work great for high kindergarten readers or struggling 2nd-grade readers. Ultimately, teachers can decide since they know their students best. 

Learning to read takes a lot of practice, dedication, and focus! However, it can be hard for students to always show these traits as they take in everything around them. There is so much going on at recess, lunch, and in the hallways. Luckily, the Daily Word Fluency Cards are fun and engaging, so students will have no problem focusing! 

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