List of Classroom Organization Items

Teachers handle so much each day! Yes, the main priority is on teaching students through amazing lessons. However, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes. This includes determining the right differentiation for each student, completing paperwork, and communicating with parents. By the end of the day, teachers leave exhausted. Unfortunately, this often means the classroom is not as tidy as teachers prefer. Since this aspect is always on the to-do list, this list of classroom organization items using Amazon affiliate links is ready to help! These helpful items ensure the classroom stays organized every day! 

list of classroom organization items

Desk Organizer 

There are so many papers lying around the classroom! So, this often leads to frustrated teachers wasting precious time looking for necessary documents. Thankfully, that will no longer be a problem with this desk organizer! It is the perfect way to organize copies and materials for the week. 

desk organizer

Student Mailboxes

The end of the day can become so chaotic! While teachers make sure to wrap up lessons, the minutes quickly tick by for the dismissal announcement. So, there is often limited time to pack up. Thankfully, that won’t be a problem with student mailboxes. Teachers can put everything students need to take home in an assigned mailbox, and students can pick it up! This is a fantastic way to keep the classroom organized and teach students to pack up independently. 

student mailboxes

Book Bins for Classroom Library 

It is a magical time in the classroom when students sit and relax with a good book. However, it can be hard to keep books organized. This issue often leads to students giving up and not finding a book they love. So, these book bins are a must on your list of classroom organization items! Teachers can sort books by genre, theme, or any way they want! 

Book Bins for Classroom Organization

Plastic Drawers for Organizing Papers and/or Supplies 

Teachers never like items lying all over the place. This creates a messy classroom environment, which can negatively impact learning. Luckily, these plastic drawers are great for organizing papers and extra supplies.

storage bins

Storage Caddies for Table School Supplies

This is a must-have on my list of classroom organization items to keep students organized! It holds their pencils, markers, colored pencils, scissors, and glue sticks. Best of all, this helps limit items falling on the floor. 

Storage Caddies

Super Strong Magnetic Clips and Hooks 

Honestly, it is so frustrating to walk into your classroom in the morning to find posters and materials on the floor. However, this seems to happen every single year! This is why these super-strong clips and hooks are imperative! They do an amazing job at holding up anything you need. 

list of classroom organization supplies magnetic hooks

Magnetic Supply Organizer 

Are you always looking for a dry-erase marker? Or, your favorite pen? I know I am! Thankfully, this is a fantastic tool to keep everything you need in one easy-to-find spot! With this organizer, you’ll never lose track of favorite markers, pens, pencils, and Post-it notes. 

List of Classroom Organization Supplies

Dry Erase/Cork Board 

Honestly, it is hard to keep track of day-to-day changes. So, this item is always at the top of my list of classroom organization items! I keep it next to my door as a reminder of any changes, such as dismissal changes. I also tack notes from parents to the bottom and write reminders on the board. This is such a helpful tool to stay organized and remember important events. 

dry erase board for classroom organization

Teaching is such a rewarding profession. However, it is also demanding work. This is why any helpful tips and strategies are essential to reducing stress. Thankfully, this list of classroom organization items using Amazon affiliate links is ready to make this year the best one yet!

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